Thank You Amber and Gerry!

Gerry served as Rush’s Building Inspector, Code Enforcement Officer, Town Council member and as Rush Town Supervisor for the past four years. His amiable manner and willingness to listen endeared him to all who worked with him. Gerry is a people person who brought the highest integrity to his years of public service.

Amber devoted the highest level of technical skills to her role as Deputy Town Supervisor and diligently researched all her assignments. Whatever the task, her attention to detail resulted in flawless work. Listen to her comments on the YouTube recording of their last Town Board meeting together on 12/27/23. 

Having Gerry and Amber’s dedication leading the Rush Town Council has resulted in great progress in the town, including the updated Comprehensive Plan and a 25-year lease for 1911 house as a permanent home for the growing Rush Historical Society.

Congratulations to continuing Town Council members, Dan Chase, now serving as Deputy Town Supervisor and Jeanne Morelli as they enter their 3rd year on the Rush Town Council.