Rush Election 2019

YOUR HOMETOWN TEAM:  Outstanding candidates, and a grand opportunity to greatly improve the way things are done here in Rush, and in Monroe County as a whole.

Gerry Kusse for Rush Town Supervisor

After serving on your town board for more than three years I decided to become a candidate for supervisor because I do not believe the voice of the people has always been heard.  My commitment to ensure that all will have a voice with opportunities for inclusion is based on over 19 years of involvement as both an appointed official and an elected official, and a successful career as a Human Resource professional. Our town belongs to our residents and the opinions of our residents will be paramount to how our town is managed.


Amber Corbin for Rush Town Council

I am honored to be a candidate for the Rush Town Board. I pledge to work towards achieving a process that allows for more open communication at Town Board meetings. Each and every resident should have their voices heard, respected and shared with our Town elected officials. I offer voters my many years of public service in Rush, working with residents, as well as my experience as an educator. Rush is our home town and I look forward to serving all of our residents as an elected official.


Chaz Rorick for Rush Town Council

I am a lifelong resident of Rush passionate about fostering accessible and responsible local representation. I am eager to serve by holding open discussion sessions and town meetings, completing thorough research for every town issue, and bringing new, forward-thinking resources to Rush. By supporting economic growth while preserving the unique rural characteristics of the town, I am excited to champion meaningful Rush town initiatives that ensure it’s long-term prosperity.



Kathy Hankins for Rush Town Clerk

I am running for this position to make the office independent and nonpartisan and our town hall a friendly, easy place for every resident to come. I will work every day to provide quality, timely, respectful services to everyone and help protect our hometown values through open the lines of communication between citizens and all elected and appointed town leaders so citizens stay well-informed and can actively participate before decisions are made that impact our lives.


Terry Daniele for Monroe County Legislator

As I embark on my candidacy for Monroe County Legislator in District 5, I look forward to meeting and chatting with the people that make our community a community.  In order to let you know my vision at the County level, my plan is to knock on every door and introduce myself to you personally.  I feel one of the most important parts of running for an office such as this, is to be present, visible and available to the people you serve! All too often politicians make themselves visible only when they are seeking re-election. My promise to you: I WILL ALWAYS BE PRESENT, VISIBLE and AVAILABLE, all year long!