Our Mission

The Fundamental Precepts of the Rush Democratic Party

1. We believe in effective government in which all officials relate to citizens with both respect and civility. We believe in listening to the views of all citizens and in working collaboratively with all parties on each and every particular issue. We believe in open government, which keeps its citizens fully informed on any issue before it.

2. We believe in lean, right-sized government with the least amount of imposed necessary taxes, and that a complete review of our local Rush government is necessary in order to achieve fiscal discipline.

3. We believe that government must work to preserve the farmland, parks, open land and natural beauty of Rush. We believe we can be good stewards of the environment at the same time that improvements are being made and appropriate economic development is encouraged. We believe we can do this with an intelligent comprehensive plan and thoughtful zoning laws. Additionally, we believe that town codes exist to protect and enhance the quality of life of our town. We believe that thoughtful codes must be enforced clearly and fairly.

4. We believe in the community of Rush. We are committed to doing all we can to enhance a sense of pride in our town. We may be the smallest town in Monroe County, but we are committed to celebrating who we are, enhancing our quality of life, and preserving the rural character of this great place.

This is who we are. If you share these values, please join us!