Republican leaders, why so afraid?

Rush citizens:
I write this as one person working with others to elect a Rush Town Government that is open and responsive to us all. It is my belief that The Hometown Team of Councilman Gerry Kusse for Supervisor, Amber Corbin and Chaz Rorick for Council and Kathy Hankins for Town Clerk will provide dynamic leadership that will bring fresh ideas and new vigor to Rush.

As part of the team working to elect these quality people, I called the candidate running for Supervisor as a Republican and asked her if she and her party’s candidates would meet with us in a public forum to discuss issues important to Rush.  I expressed my willingness to get together with her designated person or persons and discuss the format and assured her that we would have a respectful, civil exchange of ideas.  I also stated my belief that such a forum would be helpful to the voters and helpful to the leaders who will be elected.   She said she would get back to me.

After waiting one week with no response, I  called again.  The decision after talking with her people was, “No they would not take part in a joint forum.”

The Hometown Team believes in government that is open and freely exchanges ideas and thoughts with all citizens.  Why do Republican fear debate?  A closed-off government of the few, unwilling to respectfully listen to and discuss the views of others, can only result in a stagnant government unrepresentative of the community.  I respectfully ask the Republican candidate to reconsider her decision and join us in a friendly discussion of the challenges facing our town and how best to meet them. The good people of Rush deserve open, right-sized, respectful and effective government. Let’s make it happen!
Donald Scheg 979 Rush West Road